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24.10.2014 in Events

A thousand-year old town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria gave again this year a most hospitable welcome to amateurs addicted to the ball with the three holes. The 12th International Rotarian Bowling Tournament, organised by RC “Plovdiv-Puldin” and the Fellowship of Bowling Rotarians-FBR took place on 3rd and 4th of October 2014 at “Aqua lend” hotel. There were over 50 participants from 8 clubs of District 2482, Bulgaria (the three clubs from Plovdiv, Russe-Dunav, Svishtov, Provadia, Sofia, Shumen, Haskovo) as well as the first international participant – the president of the ICC ”Bulgaria-Greece”- the Rotarian Adam Stratos from RC Kavala, Greece. As a pleasant novelty this year we should mention the participation of 15 interactors and rotaractors from the Plovdiv clubs.

The good changes made last year were finally confirmed in the regulations of the present tournament. Due to the interest and wish of most of the friends to have the chance to “throw more balls” in the qualification series, the participation wasn’t limited to only one series. Each participant, according to an expressed wish, could participate in more than one series, even if wished, participate in all qualification series like in the “open” tournaments. In this way many of the friends tried to improve their sports mastery and thus better their results in the classification for the final eight.

The official opening took place on Friday evening. The national anthem and that of Rotary International were played. A short speech was delivered by DG Ilario Astinov in front of the national and that of the host club flags and the “awards-fund” consisting of 6 beautiful cups and 6 stylized plates. The first ball was symbolically thrown by DG Ilario Astinov and that marked the start of a loud barrage, erupting from the “throats” of the ten tracks, to which friends rushed to warm up. Most of them had not touched the ball since the last tournament, and for others it was the first attempt to stand against the 10 pins. After a short briefing to remind the regulations made by the technical director of the tournament and vice president of FBR Nikolay Stoilov, the qualifying series began, in which each competed with himself chasing to get a better result for entry into the final eight.

After the first series favorites emerged and with a record score of 535 points Nicky Stoilov “obsessed” first place and waited calmly contenders for prizes. Along with the competition DG Ilario held a meeting with the young talents of RC Plovdiv- Puldin – IAC and the preparing for chartering RAC. Later he met with the board and finally with their family members and partners from RC Plovdiv-Puldin. Thus, combining duty with pleasure, the first day of the tournament passed.

Оn Saturday October 4 from еаrly in the morning, the bowling alleys were occupied by those who want to reveal, and others to discover their sports potential. The qualifying race “with you” is the most powerful and noble one. And if we add the friendly banter and applause, we should be proud to reiterate that this project of RC Plovdiv-Puldin is a wonderful celebration of friendship. Final ranking with men came as follows:

  1. Veselin Pavlov (RC Plovdiv- Philippopolis)
  2. Nikolay Stoilov (RC Plovdiv- Puldin)
  3. Borislav Borisov (RC Svishtov)
  4. Lyubozar Fratev (RC Plovdiv- Puldin)
  5. Dimitar Velikov (Rousse- Dunav)
  6. Rumen Yordanov (RC Svishtov)
  7. Adam Stratos (RC Kavala)
  8. Angel Коdzhamanov (RC Plovdiv- Puldin)

Most heated was the rivalry in the individual contest of women. Unlike the regulations prescribing a qualification in series of two games, ladies eager to grab trophies, competed equally with men.Final ranking with women was as follows:

  1. Maria Stoilova (RC Plovdiv-Puldin)
  2. Cvetelina Atanasova (RC Shumen)
  3. Milena Yotenova (RC Plovdiv- Puldin)

For team championship participation applied 5 men, 4 women and 2 youth teams ( one of Interact and one of Rotaract). After playing the finals , the final team ranking was formed:

Men’s team:

I place: RC Russe Dunav

II place: RC Plovdiv- Philippopolis

III place: RC Svishtov

Women’s team:

I place: RC Plovdiv- Philippopolis

II place: RC Plovdiv- Puldin

III place: Plovdiv-Flyor

The results of the winners already traditionally come close to “high sports mastery. „The other results are immeasurable – the friendly atmosphere ,”the jokes” and the absolute “fair play” of all of the participants.

On Saturday evening all together paid a tribute to the winners.The presenting of the beautiful trophies-cups and plates happened during the traditional friendly dinner given by DG Ilario Astinov, PDG Atanas Atanasov, the President of the host-club Stephan Denin, the technical director of the Tournament Nikolay Stoilov and President of the Fellowship of Bowling Rotarians – FBR Lyubozar Fratev.

The 12th edition of the tournament was the first manifestation of the Fellowship of Bowling Rotarians – FBR. Having received the “blessing” of RI in early 2014 it was the first of many – nearly 70 Rotary “informal” associations – wholly Bulgarian “made”. At the end of the first year it brings together keen on bowling Rotarians from six countries and seven districts- Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Russia and Greece.
The door is open to all Rotarians worldwide at Welcome to FBR!

A dozen tournaments are already a history. What is not kept in history but only in the hearts of all previous participants is the never-dying flame of friendship and the sporting spirit.


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