Constitution of the Fellowship Of Bowling Rotarians – FBR



Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be:
The Fellowship of Bowling Rotarians, hereinafter referred to as the “FBR”.


Article II: Objects

The objectives of this organization shall be:

  • To promote International fellowship between all Bowling Rotarians.
  • To hold regularly an International Bowling Competition, herein referred to as the “Championship”.


Article III: Membership

Membership is open to any Rotarian from any country.


Article IV: Language

The official languages of this organization shall be English.


Article V: Management

FBR is ruled by President, Vice- President and Secretary/Treasurer.President and a Vice President, who will both served for a period of maximum two mandates, depending on the frequency of the ongoing Championship. Duties of Management

The President shall preside at the Regular Meeting of the FBR. He will make any appointments of non elective positions that he may deem necessary. He will have general supervision and direction of the affairs of the “Fellowship” for his entire term of office. In the event of the absence or inability of the Secretary/Treasurer to act, the President will appoint someone to record the minutes and proceedings of the Regular Meeting.

The Vice President shall discharge the duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence or inability to act.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall record the minutes and proceedings of the RegularMeeting and send a copy of these minutes to all persons entitled to receive these minutes. The Secretary/Treasurer shall have general supervision over the collection, custody, investment and disbursement of funds of the “Fellowship” and will perform all functions normally expected of a Secretary/Treasurer of such an organization.


Article VI: Championship Competition

The “Championship” will be held regularly, alternating between the countries.
The “Championship”will be an Open tournament in three parts:

Individual tournament-Gentlemen

Qualification: Every participant plays in one or more qualification series of 3 games. The first series of every participant is “Enter”. Second and subsequent series – “Reenter”.
The ranking is by the result of the best series. The first 6 players to qualify are the ones with the best results of a series and 2 players with the most series. If there are more than 2 contenders with the higher number of series, then in the finals only the one with the best results of series will play.

Contestants: The qualified contestants on 6th place in the qualifications and the two “reenters” with the most participation in the qualification series. Each one of the three play a game with the other two. The contestant with the highest score continues. The remaining two take in accordance with their points the 7th and the 8th place in the final ranking.

The winner of the eight-finals and the ranked 4th and 5th place. They play one game on three tracks. The winner goes in the semi-finals, while the rest occupy fifth and sixth place in points.

The winner of the quarter-finals together with ranked second and third place play 1 game. The player with the highest score continues. The rest (of points) are ranked respectively 3rd and 4th place.

The winner of the semifinal together with ranked 1st place play 1 game. The winner becomes champion and the loser is ranked second.


Individual tournament – Ladies

Qualification: Every participant plays in one or more qualification series of 3 games. The first series of every participant is “Enter” Second and subsequent series – “Reenter” The ranking is the result of the best series – ranked first 4 players on the result of a series.


Semifinal: Ranked in the first and fourth place in the qualifications play 1 game and the winner goes to the final. In the other semifinal the ranked on 2nd and 3d place play one game and the winner goes to the final.

The winners of the semifinals play 1 game for the first and second place, defeated in semifinals play for third and fourth place also in 1 game.


Team tournament

Qualifications:Every team consists of three participants. The tournament is conducted by the baker system. / the three contestants from the team throw one after another: first frame – contestant 1, second frame- contestant 2, third frame- contestant 3, forth frame- contestant 1 and so on. The game is finished with contestant number 1. During the game, the order of the contestant can’t be changed. In the next game the order of the contestants can be changed, or a contestant can be replaced.
Three qualification games are played. For the final the first four teams are qualified with the highest total of three games.

Semifinals: Two games are played. One between the first and the forth qualified and another between the second and the third qualified.
Final: the winners play 2 games for first and second place, and the ones who have lost for third and fourth place.

3) The prizes for the “Championship” will be Cups. There may be other prizes awarded at the discretion of the host country.
4) A team may consist of three (3) members.
5) No substitute will be allowed during a game.
6) Members of all teams must be Rotarians in good standing.


Article VII: Meetings

An official meeting of the “FBR” will be held at the regular “Championship”. At this meeting, on any voting matter, those entitled to vote will be: The Managements, the last past President, and one representative of each team that is participating in the “Championship” and “Friendship” events. In case of a tie, the President will cast the tie breaking vote.At the Regular Meeting, the venue of the next “Championship” will be confirmed, plus the host-country for the next following “Championship”.


Article VIII: Amendement

Notice of any proposed amendment to this Constitution must be made in written form.
Any proposed amendment to this constitution will be ratified or rejected at the next Biennial Meeting, or else by mail, (the procedure to be determined by the President) by a two-thirds or more vote in favor of the amendment by the various participating countries. There will be one vote per country.


Article IX: Voting suspension

Failure of a country to participate in the “Championship” for two successive competitions, will automatically suspend this country’s voting privilege. This voting privilege will be reinstated at the next “Championship” in which the country participates. The new bowling country, joining the “Fellowship”, will have the right to vote at the first “Championship” in which the country participates


Article X: Ratification

This constitution will become effective immediately after being approved by representatives Directors from three or more bowling countries.