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13th Rotarian Bowling Tournament

13.10.2015 in Events

By a tradition going already for a decade, during the first weekend of October the 13th Rotarian Bowling Tournament, organized by the RC Plovdiv- Puldin with the assistance of the Fellowship of Bowling Rotarians (FBR) took place.

The beginning dates back to 2003 and it is the first interclub project of our club, aiming at creating and strengthening the friendship between Rotarians of different clubs. Since two years the tournament has become an international one.


Friends from 10 RC, including the sister clubs RC Kavala and RC Nish, joined this edition. The start in the two competition days was given by the District Governor Nina Miteva. There were 12 cups in 4 categories presented to winners and also all the participants got diplomas for their participation. The rivalry between men in the qualifications and especially in the finals was extremely strong. Borislav Borisov /RC Svishtov/ became the champion, followed by Svetozar Penchev /RC Russe-Dunav/ and Rumen Jordanov /RC Svishtov/. Last year’s prize-winner Vesselin Pavlov remained 4th despite his good shape. As for women, last year’s winner Maria Stoilova /RC Plovdiv-Puldin/ won with ease and climbed again to the highest step of the podium, being assisted by Cvetelina Gocheva /RC Shumen/ – second again this year. The “Bronze” cup this time was taken by Aneta Popova /RC Plovdiv-Puldin/, a deserved distinction for the tremendous desire to win, manifested by her, and for sure one that many men can envy. Most noisy, tense and competitive to the very end was the struggle between the 4 men’s and the 3 women’s teams.

After all the quality and proficiency play determined the final outcome and the ranking of the teams was objective:


1. The team of the “Bosses”- Svetozar Penchev /RC Russe-Dunav/, Atanas Atanasov /RC Shumen/ and Adam Stratos /RC/Kavala/.
2. The team of RC Svishtov- Rumen Jordanov, Ivan Ivanov and Borislav Borisov.
3. The team of RC Plovdiv-Puldin- Lyubo Fratev, Nickolay Stoilov and Spas Popov.
4. The mixed team of RC Plovdiv and RC Plovdiv-Phillippopol- Vesselin Pavlov, Zahari Alipiev and Svilen Kanevski.


1. The mixed team of RC Plovdiv-Puldin and RC Shumen- Maria Stoilova, Aneta Popova and Cvetelina Gocheva.
2. The mixed team of RC Plovdiv-Phillippopol-2 – Anna Tashkova, Silvia Papazova and Victor Kanevski.
3. The team of RC Plovdiv-Phillippopol – Maria Goranova, Margret Popnikolova and Valentina Alexieva.

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